Dewi Sri Spa Body Bliss 120′

Foot Treatment

Carefully formulated with nourishing rice extract to care for the body and perfumed with exotic scents

Available series

• Whitening

A prominent blend of rice extract, lemon and camphor oil, to help clear away dead damaged skin cells and to brighten a dull complexion. Regular usage will be beneficial for a natural healthy white skin.

• Reviving

To ease tiredness. Contains oil of peppermint and lemon. The scent is beneficial in reinvigorating both body and mind.

• Sensual

Sweet natural aphrodisiac of rice extract and a blend of rose, jasmine, cananga and sandalwood oils. It is effective to relieve tension and refreshes the spirit, an Indonesian indigenous formula for love, believed to be amorously, stimulating.

• Countouring

A legitimate treatment created from well-blended rice extrack and lemon oil, known to be cogent in combating cellulite .Refined with patchouli oil to stimulate skin cell regeneration.



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